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“Build GRWorld, jointly create a smart future”—“GRWorld” product series special release conference was successfully held.

At 9 a.m. of June 11, 2015, “GRWorld” product series special release conference was formally held in WGDC2015 specially held by 3sNews. 



The chairman Du Mingcheng of Jiucheng Technology, the general manager Li Xueyou of Jiucheng Space Technology Co., Ltd., the senior academician Ning Jinsheng of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the president Liu Junwei of Terra-IT, Zhao Xingtao of Dimension Mapping High Tech. Co., LTD., the professor and doctoral advisor Deng Fei of Wuhan University, the vice president Li Peng of BOCO Inter-Telecom, the vice general manager Wu Yongqiang of BONC, the vice general manager Zhu Jidong of Space View, the general manager Jin Zhiguo of NewMap, the vice general manager Liu Lifen of Map World and some other honored guests attended the products release conference. The special conference was hosted by vice general manager Chen Ling of Jiucheng Space Technology Co., Ltd.



In the special conference, the representatives of “GRWorld” product research and development team made a speech. The representatives described the structure and application of “GRWorld” product series. “GRWorld” is global first set of product which contains software, hardware and standard technologies and covers the whole procedures of obtaining, processing and releasing GR three-dimension data. It is a product created for better serving the establishment and construction of smart city. It takes the lead in carrying out the integrated innovation in new technology fields such as oblique photography, vehicle-mounted panoramic scanning, BIM/CAD and mobile Internet of Things. It has several core technologies and entire solution schemes in the fields of smart city construction and space information integration obtaining and service. 


In joyful music, general manager Li Xueyou of Jiucheng Space Technology Co., Ltd. and the honored guests together witnessed the release of “GRWorld”. In addition, he signed strategic cooperation agreement with BOCO Inter-Telecom, BONC, NewMap, Map World and Space View. They will carry out wide and profound cooperation in many fields. 


In the special conference, the senior academician Ning Jinsheng of the Chinese Academy of Engineering spoke highly of “GRWorld”. Chairman Du Mingcheng of Jiucheng Technology expressed his sincere thanks to the honored guests who attended the special conference. In addition, he put forward higher requirements and standards to the workers of Jiucheng Technology. They will take honesty and trustworthiness, unity and struggle, pragmatism and innovation as their concepts, lead and establish GRWorld and serve smart life. The company will devote itself to becoming Chinese leading operator of smart city GR space information service platform and becoming international and domestic most advanced high-tech enterprise of GR three-dimension data processing and application platform. It targets promoting the integral level of Chinese GR three-dimension space information industry and making new and greater contributions to the development of economic society and pushing forward national surveying and mapping geographic information to faster and better serve all aspects of national economy and people's livelihood.